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Evidence-Eliminator User Arrested - 200,000 Files Recovered


Because he trusted Evidence-Eliminator Marc Watzman is about to pay with his life.

Pediatrician charged with child porn
Chicago doctor practiced in Naperville, authorities say

By Mike Robinson
Associated Press Writer
Published October 27, 2003, 3:20 PM CST

Thousands of sexually explicit photos of children as young as 8 were discovered on computers belonging to a Chicago pediatrician, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Dr H Marc Watzman, 37, also had drugs commonly used to induce unconsciousness and lack of muscular control as well as Viagra in his car and apartment when he was arrested, federal prosecutors said.

He has been held in federal custody since his arrest Saturday after federal agents searched his Chicago apartment.

Watzman is charged with possession of child pornography. A bond hearing was scheduled for Monday afternoon.

He was practicing at a hospital in suburban Naperville until Oct 8, prosecutors said. Agents said a resume discovered as part of their search indicated he had also worked at hospitals in Peoria, Rockford, Wichita, Kan, Philadelphia, and in Maryland.

While not naming the hospitals where Watzman practiced, the affidavit attached to the criminal complaint said agents had Watzman under surveillance at Edward Hospital in Naperville on Oct 7.

A spokesman at Edward Hospital said he did not have an immediate comment on Watzman's arrest.

Agents said they found a desktop computer in Watzman's apartment with about 40 images of child pornography and more than 200,000 erased images.

They said they also seized a laptop containing 3,000 to 5,000 images of sexually explicit pictures of children.

The laptop also contained software called 'Evidence Eliminator', used to erase images from computers, prosecutors said.

Agents also said they found DVDs showing nude young girls as well as evidence that Watzman is a paid member of adult fetish Web sites and Web sites that feature child pornography.

Agents said they also discovered a hidden side panel in Watzman's car that contained an array of drugs as well as evidence of thousands of dollars in wire transfers to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The drugs, some of which were also found in the apartment, were morphine, two compounds used to induce unconsciousness, a substance used to induce temporary muscular paralysis and a sedative used by surgeons.

The agents also found a supply of Viagra, they said.

Customs agents said that on Sept 30 they opened a package addressed to Watzman from a fictitious postal box in Sweden. It contained two videos with images of naked adults on a beach.

On Oct 11, agents said they seized a parcel from Germany addressed to Watzman. It contained software used to hide pictures within pictures, hide text within pictures, and encrypt computer files.

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