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News for 2004

From the archives.

Ballmer Trial Begins 29 December 2004 19:14 UTC
Guards subdue overly excited Microsoft CEO.

Black Christmas 27 December 2004 22:29 UTC
You can help.

Are They Back? 3 December 2004 14:26 UTC
They're still hungry and we're the blue plate special.

Ballmer Behind Bars 18 November 2004 10:14 UTC
Microsoft CEO arrested and released on $5 million bail.

MSN Search: Ballmer Strikes Again 10 November 2004 21:24 UTC
Faster and crawled more sites than Google?

XPSP2 Update VI: Ballmer's Waggers 24 October 2004 14:41 UTC
Interests lie elsewhere.

XPSP2 Update V: Catch-22 14 October 2004 15:34 UTC
Happy days are here again.

Explosion of a Snippet 30 September 2004 23:02 UTC
Underflows are dangerous too.

XPSP2 Update IV: Chaos & Confusion 26 September 2004 20:05 UTC
When was the last time Bill Gates gave you anything - for free?

MSN Music: Off To A Great Start 3 September 2004 23:14 UTC
Bill & the Microsofties do it again. They never disappoint.

XPSP2 Update III Updated 27 August 2004 21:19 UTC
Full steam ahead!

XPSP2 Update II 23 August 2004 16:20 UTC
Swim in the Schadenfreude.

XPSP2 Update I 21 August 2004 19:40 UTC
More news from the front lines - and it's getting worse.

SP2: The Other Shoe 20 August 2004 19:52 UTC
Barely hours after users started securing their PCs with Windows XP Service Pack 2, security experts have found ways around it.

BellSouth Sniffles 17 August 2004 09:26 UTC
US Internet service provider BellSouth are sniffing all outgoing SMTP mail traffic.

Jericho! 16 August 2004 23:14 UTC
Turning to dust? Walls coming down? Agent Cooper?

Bursting At The Seems 16 August 2004 19:54 UTC
XPSP2 seems to break some apps, it would seem - seemingly...

XPSP2 Closes Off Nmap 12 August 2004 20:45 UTC
A simple command line and it's 'game over'?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 8 August 2004 19:05 UTC
It's 475 MB [sic] - what does it do?

BellSouth Down! 2 August 2004
Google might have recovered elegantly from the MyDoom attack, but others are not faring so well.

Crime of Negligence 15 July 2004
The Oxford University network is a criminal's dream.

IE Bash 12 July 2004
It all started that fateful night when William H Gates II rolled over in his sleep on top of Mrs William H Gates II and made the mistake of his life.

The PivX Enigma 11 July 2004
How does one refuse an offer from Vito Corleone?

Zeroes 26 June 2004
The Internet is in a tumble over a so-called zero-day exploit - an exploit that takes advantage of a vulnerability no one knows about yet.

The Love Bug - A Retrospect 4 May 2004
This week marks the fourth anniversary of the Love Bug aka the ILOVEYOU worm, a watershed in the online connected experience.

Radsoft Announce 'E-E Removal Tool' 14 January 2004
Radsoft Laboratories announce the immediate availability of their public domain (freeware) tool for removing the malicious program Evidence Eliminator from Windows computer hard drives.

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