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Radsoft Announce 'E-E Removal Tool'


Radsoft Laboratories announce the immediate availability of their public domain (freeware) tool for removing the malicious program Evidence Eliminator from Windows computer hard drives. Called 'E-E Removal Tool', the program is available at the Radsoft FTP server, and will soon be available at several mirror sites around the Internet.

E-E Removal Tool (EERT) is only the first in a series of cures for Evidence Eliminator Radsoft are planning to donate to the public domain. It takes but a single second to download (the package is only two kilobytes), two seconds to run (it's written by Radsoft, so it's fast), and all the pain and worries are over.

EERT does not address the considerable issue of Registry destruction that the install of Evidence Eliminator brings about: with 740 Registry keys created during the install, Evidence Eliminator stands yet today as the single most harmful product ever for the Windows PC.

'But the system will still work if this Registry bloat remains', says Radsoft consultant Rick Downes. 'Whereas once Evidence Eliminator is gone from the computer's hard drives, it can't get mean and nasty anymore - it's gone, really gone.'

Radsoft still recommend wiping the computer hard drives and reinstalling the operating system again - along with all add-on software products. 'A bloated Registry really brings down system performance', notes Radsoft financial officer Sydney Phillips. 'We're not offering a tune-up here; we're offering a safe removal.'

Radsoft associate Tom Liston is hard at work on a removal tool of his own which will circumvent the deliberately nasty Evidence Eliminator uninstaller and parse the program's own install logs.

'Evidence Eliminator does uninstall - to an extent', admits Liston, 'but it also goes into 'trojan mode', sneaking new files onto the hard drives, to harass and intimidate and to attempt to scare the user into finally paying the $150 for peace and quiet. This additional removal tool will use the same data - the install log - as the Evidence Eliminator uninstaller - but of course will not engage in those other nasty things Robin Hood Software have become so notorious for.'

'The days of these recent developments have been amongst the happiest of my life', says Phillips. 'At last people will be free of this scourge of a program.'

The Radsoft FTP download of E-E Removal Tool is found below. It is compressed with the tar gzip format, and can be dropped onto any recent version of WinZip.


Footnote: EERT Downloads Near 100,000

Downloads of the E-E Removal Tool passed 80,000 in December 2004. Which makes for a lot of dissatisfied E-E users.

It's going to be quite the classy class action.

Footnote 2007: EERT Downloads — SEVERAL 100,000!

Downloads of the E-E Removal Tool continue at a steady pace. After watching the number rise past 300,000 staff decided to in the future simply quote 'several hundred thousand'. There certainly are a lot of dissatisfied E-E users out there.

The class action's shaping up into a free for all with angry users plucking at the Robin Hood carcass.

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