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Bursting At The Seems

16 August 2004 19:54 UTC
XPSP2 seems to break some apps, it would seem - seemingly...

Microsoft have published their first 'hit list'. It seems to go by the classic title:

* Some programs seem to stop working after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 *

Or so it seems.

But this would not seem to be the time to ridicule: this would seem to be the time to get behind Microsoft and congratulate them for seeming to take the seemingly right stand.

If the apps in question - even their own - can't seem to make the grade as regards security, then they would seem to have to be changed. The alternative? There seems to be none.

On the road Microsoft paved from Win16 to Win32 many years ago the Redmond company repeatedly seemed to warn major ISVs to 'stop mucking about' with programming tricks that seemed to be 'dirty' and would not seem to hold with protected memory computing. Nary an ISV seemed to listen.

Once MS seemed to move to Win32 they had to seemingly either catch up or seem to be left behind.

The world seems to run on Microsoft, whether we seem to like it or not. If Microsoft seems to be insecure, so are we - seemingly.

Yes, one could conceivably (seemingly) ask why Microsoft didn't contact these vendors during the service pack creation process so that they could offer a 'united front' - that would seem to be a legitimate question...

Whatever: here is the list. Most apps seem to require ports to be opened for them to seem to work as they seemed to work before.

Visual Studio .NET; SQL, Backup Exec 9; Ghost Server Corporate Edition 7.5; Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.0, 9.0; SMS 2003 Server; Cute FTP 5.0 XP; Exceed 7.0, 8.0; KEA! 340 5.1; WRQ Reflection X 10 and 11; Reflection for IBM 9, 9.03, 10 and Reflection X 10 and 11; Smarterm Office 10 and Smarterm 11; ViewNow 1.0 and 1.05; Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 SP1; AutoCAD 2000, 2002, 2004; Backup Exec 8.6.1, 9.1.4691; Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard; ColdFusion MX Server Edition 6; CA ARCserve; EDM File System Agent 4.0; Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003; Aelita ERdisk for Active Directory 6.7; Hummingbird Host Explorer 8; BV-Admin Mobile; SQL 2000a; Microsoft SNA 4.0 SP3; Extra! Personal Client 6.5 and 6.7; Extra! Enterprise 2000; Extra! Bundle for TCP/IP 6.6; Volume Manager 3.1; BMC Patrol for Windows 2000; eTrust 6.0.100, 7.0; NetShield 4.5.

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