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MSN Music: Off To A Great Start

3 September 2004 23:14 UTC
Bill & the Microsofties do it again. They never disappoint.

It's not official yet - the site is still in beta - but already poor Bill is whining. Brother Steve won't play fair and let Bill mess around with the iPod.

Boo-hoo. Bill's always been such a fair player, so he has a right to expect everyone else to play as clean, right?

Think again, dear reader. Mix one part typical Bill Gates skulduggery with two parts typical Microsoftie oafish clumsiness and you have a typical three parts Microsoft mess.

MSN Music demands you be using Microsoft Windows - there is no in-between. Yes, clever browsers can fool the ignorant Microsoft site into thinking they're running on that wretched platform, but there's more - with Microsoft there's always more.

Web pages at the stellar MSN Music site are automatically generated. The engine doing this was designed by a buffoon. At the top of every page is the following.

  <meta http-equiv=refresh content='0;url=/help/requirements.aspx'>

Admit it, dear reader, it's beautiful.

Oh - you don't get the punchline yet? The blurb is at the top of every page - including 'requirements.aspx'.

[Click the above link or click here and surf on over if you don't believe it.]

So as fast as you're redirected to requirements.aspx because you don't have the operating system of fashion and recklessly running JavaScript on such a decrepit machine, this page will just start 'flapping in the wind'. It never gets fully loaded; as soon as the browser sees the refresh meta tag it starts loading all over again - and again and again and again.

And again and again and again. And again and again and again. And again and again and again until you get out of there and go back to iTunes.

So much for Microsoft's new beta. One wishes them better luck with their Service Pack 2 - though the cause is mostly hopeless.

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