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Vista Leaks!

4 August 2005 21:34 UTC

Happy days are here again.

An Austrian hacker earns the distinction of creating the first viruses for Windows Vista. Written in July, the viruses exploit Microsoft's new 'Monad' command shell.

The viruses were published last month in a tutorial for the 'Ready Ranger Liberation Front' [sic]. It took just a week for the author to find security vulnerabilities in Microsoft's new operating system.

Mikko Hyppönen of F-Secure calls the viruses 'disruptive' and claims they will not cause significant damage to Windows users. [What a relief. Ed.] Hyppönen also came up with the clever name for the virus family: 'Danom'. [That's 'Monad' sdrawkcab - isn't that clever? Ed.]

According to the copy circulating on the Internet right now, 'most security experts had not expected to see a Windows Vista virus so soon', but it is unknown at time of publication where these supposed 'security experts' were found. [Eight days with no viruses is a long time in the World of Windows. Ed.]

Several news agencies have attempted to elicit comments from Microsoft on this (for some) unexpected development, and not surprisingly no one at the Redmond company was available.

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