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IE Se7en 7W0

Now everyone knows what living in a hurricane belt must be like.

It's their latest mistake.
 - Sheryl Crowe
You people have to stop prosecuting us all the time. We have to be free to innovate.
 - Steve Ballmer

It's a precarious existence - suddenly your neighbour comes over and screams 'there's a new storm on the way' and everybody has to run for it to high ground.

It's more or less the same thing when Microsoft announce a new beta of their Internet Explorer. People start screaming and everyone runs to high ground.

This latest mistake, called IE Se7en because it's so evil, is nothing more nothing less than a pale imitation of Firefox for the Windows platform. It runs only on Windows - and even that statement is a stretch.

As if anyone really cares what Microsoft do with their stupid browser. They've already been told one time too many to stuff it up their collective BackOrifice but if they don't want to do that, that's all right by everyone - as long as they don't keep being a PITA with new betas that waste time and resources and crash and accomplish absolutely nothing.

News flash: the World of Windows already has a good browser - Firefox. This world does not need additional browsers. What the World of Windows needs is a good Windows. Fat chance. Pigs will go supersonic first.

As if concocting a good IE Se7en would be difficult - it's not like the code to Firefox is some big secret or anything. Microsoft steal code all the time - who is naïve enough to think they haven't done it now again?

But other people's code doesn't help when you're talking about the Redmond Retards. They'll ruin things anyway. IE Se7en 7W0 still crashes all over the place. Does anybody know how the world's by far most powerful software corporation can still turn out such unbelievably shoddy products?

The pregnancy begins: about nine months from now Bill Gates will have to be ready to deliver. His latest abomination Windows Vista has to be frozen and ready for pressing and distribution. And his IE Se7en has to be ready too. And they have to do regression tests and depression tests and nausea tests and everything. Anyone want to bet they'll make it - and Windows will be secure and IE Se7en won't still be something everyone screams about and runs in the hills away from?

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