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Pirate Party Launch World's First Commercial Darknet

You can test the system for free until the Swedish national elections in September.

STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) -- The Swedish Pirate Party announce a new Internet service that lets anyone send and receive files and information over the Internet without fear of being monitored or logged.

In technical terms, such a network is called a darknet. The service allows people to use an untraceable address in the darknet, where they cannot be personally identified.

'There are many legitimate reasons to want to be completely anonymous on the Internet," says Rick Falkvinge, chairman of the Pirate Party. 'If the government can check everything each citizen does, nobody can keep the government in check. The right to exchange information in private is fundamental to the democratic society. Without a safe and convenient way of accessing the Internet anonymously, this right is rendered null and void.'

'There are much more fundamental values at stake here than copyright', he continues. 'The new technology has brought society to a crossroads. The only way to enforce today's unbalanced copyright laws is to monitor all private communications over the Internet.'

'Today's copyright regime cannot coexist with an open society that guarantees the right to private communication.'

'Until we have changed the laws to ensure that citizens' right to privacy is respected, we have a moral obligation to protect the citizens from the effects of the current routine surveillance. This is our technical means to do just that.'

The service is provided by Relakks. It offers a neutral IP on top of your existing ISP service through a strongly encrypted VPN connection. Basically this gives users the advantage of a Swedish IP address from anywhere in the world.

The cost? €5 pcm or €50 per year including VAT.

The site is still experiencing issues with content control and administrative snags with the overwhelming response. And yes, the service works well for people in other countries as well.

So you might as well click the logo above and go sign up. It's free until September.

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