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Satire is now officially illegal in the fountainhead of democracy.

As Internet luminaries converge on Athens to discuss 'freedom of speech theory' Greek authorities shut down a local blog aggregator for publishing a link to a satirical article.

Greek authorities have raided the home of Antonis Tsipropoulos, administrator of BLOGME.GR, a blog aggregation site. His hard drive was seized and he was arrested. The impetus was BLOGME.GR had a link to a satiric blog that apparently offended a known crackpot demagogue.

This coincides nicely - for the Internet Governance Forum is being hosted in the Greek capital this week with luminaries such as Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn, and Joi Ito expected to attend.

Although the forum features panels on 'openness' and 'freedom of expression' it's clear now for the hosting nation these discussions are to be in theory only.

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