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Two Minute Toast

It was first. It was fast.

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VANCOUVER (Radsoft) -- Those NSA hackers sure know their stuff. Famous iPhone hacker Charlie Miller needed all of two minutes to 'pwn' an Apple MacBook Air laptop at CanSecWest yesterday. And in so doing cashed in on the $10 K in prize money.

Thinnovation → Pwnnovation!

Following a recurring trend the first day's efforts - to break into a box over a network - yielded nothing. On the second day with the relaxed rules Charlie quickly set up a remote site he had the organisers visit.


Beat Them All!

The MacBook Air was pitted against Microsoft V*STA and Ubuntu. And beat both. At the end of the day neither of the two other systems had been hacked.

Preinstalled Software Only!

Contestants were only allowed to use preinstalled software; TippingPoint reveal Charlie Miller and ISE colleagues Jake Honoroff and Mark Daniel once again (as with the iPhone) took advantage of a security hole in Apple's 'world's fastest' Safari browser.

Not good news for a company trying to get plagued Windows users to try their 'software'.

No Tell

Charlie's hack is covered by an NDA but at the end of the day, MACINTOSH users: you're vulnerable.

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