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Akamai Report: State of the Internet

First ever SOTI quarterly.

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Starting with Q1 2008 Akamai are publishing a quarterly State of the Internet report. The report includes data gathered across the corporation's global network as regards broadband adoption and 'attack traffic' as well as trends over time. It also aggregates public news about denial of service attacks, website hacks, and other network events.


South Korea has the highest measured levels of 5+ Mbps connectivity. Delaware tops the list in the US: over 60% of connections running at 5 Mbps or higher. Rwanda and the Solomon Islands are the slowest with 95% of the connections at 256 Kbps or slower. Washington (state) and Virginia are at the bottom of the list in the US.

Attacks & Events

Attack traffic originated from 125 countries with China and the US leading the list and accounting for 30% of the total. 23 network ports were targeted. Many of the ports with the highest level of attacks represent worms, viruses, and bots that are now several years old.

Damage to cables in the Mediterranean severed connectivity between Europe and the Middle East. Cogent de-peered Telia, impacting users in the US and Europe over a two week period. A routing error by Pakistan Telekom effectively took YouTube offline for several hours.

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Akamai Report: The State of the Internet

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