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'I Have To Be Able to Look Myself in the Eyes'

Fredrick Federley hero for the moment in the Lex Orwell crisis.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- Centre Party parliamentarian Fredrick Federley may have found a way to forestall the inevitable - send Lex Orwell back out on referral.

As Tuesday refuses to draw to a close the Swedish parliamentarians are still hard at it. And more rumours circulate about MPs being pressured and others breaking ranks.

Fredrick Federley took the floor this evening.

'I have to be able to look myself in the eyes', he said. 'I've spoken openly about my agony over this decision. I've spoken to the journalists and I've written about it on my blog. One can make the right decision and one can make the wrong decision. This is a difficult decision. It takes careful consideration.'

Federley went on to defy fear mongers who claim a vote against Lex Orwell jeopardises Sweden's national security.

'I have to be able to look myself in the eyes. My mother told me I knew what's right. As so often before she's right.'

Yesterday evening Federley and his group went through the ordeal of a nine hour extra meeting about Lex Orwell. The purpose of the meeting was to get everyone in the group to support the proposal. But Federley already had reservations.

'We have a consensus in our parliamentary group', Federley told reporters before the meeting began. 'The details of our consensus will be made clear when I speak before the parliament.'

Yet instead of revealing how he intended to vote Federley shot a salvo at defence minister Sten Tolgfors, asking what he and the government intended to do to protect the integrity of the individual.

'I need an answer to that question before I decide how to vote.'

Federley ended by suggesting Lex Orwell to be sent back out on referral - and if that wasn't going to happen then to simply throw the proposal out.

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