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'Ja' to Lex Orwell

They forced it through over the will of the people.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- 143 voted 'ja', 138 voted 'nej', 1 refrained from voting - and 67 weren't even there. Lex Orwell has passed and Sweden is now one step closer to entering the Orwellian Age as one of its most courageous pioneers.

Special thanks must be given to those sixty seven ministers of parliament who couldn't even show up. Had only five of them showed up and voted against Sweden would today still be a free country.

Both Fredrick Federley and Annie Johansson who yesterday opposed the proposal have today voted in its favour. Birgitta Ohlsson of the Liberal Party refrained from voting.

The voting results can be seen here.

Unprecedented Opposition

Opposition to Lex Orwell has been unprecedented even on the international scene. Google have already declared their opposition. They refuse to install servers in Sweden with such a Orwellian law on the books.

The proposal was sent back to the defence committee this morning for further work. Ten amendments were written to the proposal but the proposal itself was not changed in the slightest.

Swedish Political Circus

The evening's debate reiterated many of the points made yesterday. Ruling MPs spoke (ahem) of the way Lex Orwell would protect civil rights. The opposition pointed out it's rather difficult to eavesdrop on people without jeopardising civil rights and breaking the law.

Several of the MPs in opposition went on record to describe the events of the past few days as a 'circus'.

Brave Face

One MP who was expected to 'fall in line' with the government refused to do so and voted against the proposal. As a representative not of the government but of the people who've universally condemned Lex Orwell she seems to have done the right thing - in the face of what may be dire consequences.

Her name is Camilla Lindberg. Camilla's a member of the Liberal Party. Her parliamentary page can be found here.

Autumn Leaves

Reinfeldt's cabinet must now present a complete proposal for the parliament this autumn. Given these circumstances the clamour over this unique piece of 'legislation' is hardly going to subside. If the press and blogs around the world keep the pressure up Reinfeldt and his friends aren't going to have a relaxing summer.

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