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Lex Orwell: Political Leader Threatens Resignation

'I can't be a member of a political party that represents the idea of spying on mail and phone conversations.'

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- Chairman of the conservative's youth association Niklas Wykman is threatening to resign his post. 'I can't be a member of a political party that represents the idea of spying on mail and phone conversations', says Wykman.

Wykman doesn't hold back when he describes the situation on his own blog.

'I would be able to write about so many interesting things but must instead write the saddest of commentaries. If my party do not change their position on the FRA law they will lose my support. I can't be a member of a political party that represents the idea of spying on mail and phone conversations. I've been thinking about this since the recent voting and I cannot arrive at any other conclusion.'

'We who are young today, who understand what this law means, must draw the line and make it clear that this is simply wrong. We can correct our mistakes and now it's time to correct this mistake', said Wykman to Politikerboggen at a meet earlier today in the old town.

No Grassroots Party Support

So if you can't correct the mistake you will leave the party? asked Politikerboggen.

'One doesn't enter into a discussion on the premise one is going to lose', says Wykman. 'To me my party is not a party that represents this type of idea. I believe that a party congress would make it obvious it's impossible to find support for this law.'

Where Was the 'No' Button?

Wykman was also wondering why not a single member of his party hit the 'no' button for the vote last Tuesday.

'Our party members in parliament have not represented the party on this issue - they've represented the government. The government is not the same as the party. Our party are more considerate of the ideal of freedom than the government seem to be in this case.'

Voices from Area 51

Politikerboggen reached Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt outside Rosenbad earlier today. He appeared extremely agitated when told about Wykman's remarks.

'That sounds like a crummy party to be a member of', said Reinfeldt with dripping sarcasm. 'So it's a good thing we haven't tried to make that type of decision.'

But maybe you haven't succeeded in getting people to understand what the law's really about? asked Politikerboggen.

'But has it been possible to convey this in the charged climate we've seen? When things calm down a bit, when the dust settles, it might be easier to do this.'

[Not that Google need to wait for the dust to settle. Ed.]

Send Out Invitations

According to Wykman Reinfeldt must now invite the entire conservative party to a discussion of personal integrity or else lose the support of an entire generation. Reinfeldt doesn't want to buy that either.

'I don't think anyone can claim to speak for an entire generation. Right now we're living in a age of individualism. Even young people have differing opinions - and when things calm down a bit, when the dust settles, when people are able to better follow this controversy - then they'll interpret these matters in different ways.'

[What did he say? What did he say? Ed.]

Trick Question

So what effect do you think this controversy will have on the next general election? ask Politikerbloggen.

'I really don't know. It's always difficult to predict what discussions we'll have in an election campaign that's two years in the future.'

And maybe that's Fredrik Reinfeldt's failing.

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