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Lex Orwell: 6.6 Million Letters of Protest

Swedish government drowning in electronic mail.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- More than 6.6 million letters of protest were delivered yesterday to the Swedish parliament by Stockholm tabloid Expressen. The letters were generated by an online web form that closed down yesterday at noon.

6.6 million letters represent two thirds of the entire population of Sweden - including children and newborn babies.

Fascinating Sum

'I think 6.6 million is a fascinating sum', writes Expressen blogger Thomas Mattsson. 'We used to print coupons in our hardcopy edition and encouraged readers to cut them out and post them to authorities, corporations, politicians, or whoever we targeted with our displeasure.'

'But posting 6.6 million coupons would have cost $6 million. We'd never have made our voices heard. But thanks to electronic mail - all the PMs have their addresses published at the parliament website - our voters could now send their opinions to their legislators for free.'

'And that's outstanding - no matter what you think of the FRA law.'

Reinfeldt Slipping

All the while the increasingly nervous PM Fredrik Reinfeldt seems prepared to batten the hatches in a vainglorious attempt to ride out the storm. 'I'm not going to tear the law up', insists Reinfeldt.

Reinfeldt doesn't even think there's cause for alarm! The changes in the law this coming autumn will guarantee and safeguard personal integrity, he says, insisting the whole world have misunderstood poor Lex Orwell.

'There's been confusion in the debate about the law governing domestic surveillance but that's not correct', claims the less than tech savvy Reinfeldt. But when asked to comment further Reinfeldt put his press secretary Roberta Alenius out to block the road.

'He's already spoken about the law in Trosa today and he's not available for further comment.'

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