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iPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs

Can you hear them now?

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CUPERTINO (Radsoft) -- 3G connectivity for Apple's iPhone 3G hasn't been good. Put bluntly it's been bizarre. Consequently the Cupertino company issued a fix - which ironically made things even bizarrer.

Three cheers for quality assurance and testing.

It's the Chip, Stupid

The connectivity issues are supposedly related to iPhone hardware components. In typical fashion Apple refuse to offer details other than muttering 'bug fix'. But rather than fix bugs the update introduced new ones.

'The first thing I noticed was the really jerky scrolling', posted 'Demlotcrew' in an Apple discussion thread not yet removed.


Richard Windsor of Nomura Securities suspects the issues are related to an Infineon chipset used some years ago in European 3G devices. The chipset caused similar behaviour.

'We believe the issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost certain Infineon is the 3G supplier. This is not surprising as the Infineon 3G chipset solution has never really been tested in the hands of users. Some people will not experience these problems, as it is only in areas where the radio signal weakens that the immaturity of the stack really shows.'


Neither Infineon nor Apple want to comment.

Soap Opera

Bill Ho of Current Analysis likens this latest Apple screw-up to a soap opera whilst others might think first of a Baroque tragicomedy. People new to the iPhone are furious they have to go through two major patches in six weeks and the Apple fanboys are starting to lose faith. Up to now they've been able to program themselves into believing their Cupertino deities could do no wrong; now they're not so sure anymore. Apple aren't just another run of the mill tech company - they're worse.

And now Japanese authorities have issued a consumer warning after receiving three reports of Apple iPod nanos catching fire.

People are going to have to reaffirm their fidelity to Apple, says Ho. And Apple are going to have to get their act together.

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