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FRA - The Three Letters That Shook Sweden

Swedish FRA buds with dictatorships.

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The Swedish 'Big Brother' agency FRA is allowed to exchange information not only with EU countries but also with dictatorships, said foreign minister Carl Bildt in the documentary 'FRA - The Three Letters That Shook Sweden' shown yesterday evening on Swedish television.

According to the former PM there is a 'long list' of countries Swedish intelligence agencies are allowed to collaborate with. 'The criterion is very simple', said Bildt. 'If it's good for Sweden it's OK.'

But is it still OK to work with dictatorships?

'There are certainly situations where we need information. Such an exchange would take place under strict control of course.'

But this pronouncement completely contradicts what government representatives have been saying up to now. Minister of defence Sten Tolgfors is quoted in the same documentary insisting the FRA only exchange information with countries that are 'close to Sweden'.

Bildt also described how he as PM in the early 1990s gave the newly independent Baltic states information the FRA had collected - this as support during discussions about withdrawing Russian military forces from the area.

The documentary further showed how the FRA conduct surveillance of embassies in Stockholm - even the embassies of 'friendly nations'. As for encrypted transmissions: the FRA supposedly have cracked all the codes in use.

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