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Lex Orwell: No More

And if it's not 'no more' it's not what it once was.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- The controversial Swedish FRA law - 'Lex Orwell' - is no more. Not in its previous form. It's been radically altered today to take the sting - and even the controversy - out.

The new form of the law now explicitly prohibits cooperation with the civil and security police.

'This is basically a whole new law', said one source to the evening newspapers.

Emergency Meets

All the Swedish political parties have today had extra group meetings to discuss the future of Lex Orwell. The cabinet office worked frenetically to organise an agreement all the parties can agree on.

According to sources all political parties are now satisfied with the new form of the law.

Big Changes

One of the major changes concerned who was able to use FRA data. The sitting government have now accepted that only the cabinet and the department of defence may participate.

'The police, the security police, other agencies - they're out starting now', said a source to the media. 'This is a significant change in the law.'

Asking Permission

The generic broad eavesdropping disappeared as well. When the cabinet or the department of defence want data from FRA they'll first apply for permission from a special court.

Everyone Happy

Even Lex Orwell's staunchest critics are now happy with the new form the law has taken. 'Anyone claiming these are mere cosmetic changes is just wrong. We've effectively crafted an entirely new law', a former critic told the evening newspapers.

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