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Lex Orwell: The Changes

Is it enough?

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Following are the changes to Lex Orwell. Will it be enough?

  1. The objectives of signals intelligence have to be spelled out in the law itself.
  2. A special court will grant permission for culling intelligence data.
  3. The FRA must apply for permission for all its operations. Even signals intelligence carried out for the government must be approved by the court.
  4. The FRA will only have access to the traffic streams the court approves.
  5. The FRA may not eavesdrop on traffic which has both its source and destination in Sweden.
  6. The FRA may only carry out signals intelligence at the request of the government, the cabinet, and the department of defence.
  7. A special commission will research the needs of the civil and security police.Search keys which target individuals may not be used without special permission.
  8. More information about destruction of data will be provided and will be in accordance with current laws regulating the FRA's destruction of data concerning individuals.
  9. The independence of the controlling agencies and the provisions for a correct audit of operations will be enhanced.
  10. Individuals must be alerted when they are the objects of investigations.
  11. The controlling agencies must when so requested by individuals investigate if surveillance has been conducted according to the letter of the law.
  12. If information of a sensitive personal nature falls in the hands of the FRA it must be immediately destroyed.
  13. No information culled by the FRA may be kept for more than one year - and not for historical, statistical, or similar reasons.
  14. By the year 2011 the controlling agencies will present a review of how well - and how ethically - the FRA have conducted their operations.

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