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Bildt Goes Mac

'A new world.'

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) -- Former Swedish prime minister, United Nations envoy, and current Swedish secretary of state Carl Bildt finally abandoned Windows and went over to Mac.

'To say I don't regret the move is this month's big understatement. My only criticism of myself is why I waited so long to take the step', says Bildt on his blog.

Indeed. Bildt was the one who put the Swedish government on the Internet map. Ten years ago he began distributing 'business cards' with his CV on small CDs. Prior to a televised political debate some ten years ago he presented then prime minister Göran Persson with a copy. Persson quipped:

'Wow! I never saw a business card with a hole in the middle before!'

Bildt says he gave the move considerable thought and testing. He does not reveal which computer he decided on.

But he does admit that having Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint has eased the transition.

Carl? Hi. You might want to look into something called Keynote? And something else called Pages?

'After a while everything works simpler, faster, and smoother', says Bildt.

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