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Swedish Furniture Company Attack Microsoft

People don't like the harassment.

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Edsbyn are a (relatively) small (and honourable) Swedish office furniture manufacturer. Like most Swedish businesses they play by the rules. If they have Microsoft products they pay for them.

Somebody at a local Microsoft office didn't share that opinion and sought a court order to send the police to Hälsingland to raid their offices. To no one's surprise the police came up with nothing at all.

Now Edsbyn are on the attack and demanding an apology from Microsoft.

Bullies Software Alliance

Microsoft run this 'heavy handed' part of their business through the notorious Business Software Alliance. The court order was obtained and the subsequent raid was carried out in November.

Demanding an Apology

Edsbyn have made it clear in their press release they demand an apology from Microsoft. The incident resulted in loss of revenue and prestige; staff were frightened by the event; and according to CEO Josef Höbenreich: 'this is the sort of thing associated with countries where democracy is an unknown concept'.

Höbenreich thinks Microsoft should instead have first done due diligence and not just acted on a whim and sent the matter to the Hudiksvall court system.


Microsoft are more and more showing the signs of desperation typical of corporations that have lost their grip on the market. Nobody goes out of their way anymore to beg borrow or steal Microsoft products; today most companies are intelligent enough to run in the opposite direction.

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