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TPB Factoids

Things easily overlooked.

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1. TiAMO and Anakata studied the legal aspects of their enterprise before launching it. They made sure what they were planning on doing did not contravene legislation.

2. State prosecutor currently running the show at Fleminggatan Håkan Roswall told the government back in 2005 there was no way to charge TPB with a crime - they weren't doing anything illegal. This has been seen in a memo to the cabinet from Roswall.

3. The TPB servers at hosting company PRQ seized by Roswall almost three years ago still haven't been cracked. Roswall's wasted a lot of money calling in expensive consultants to have a crack at them. So far none of them have succeeded.

4. Roswall's called in TiAMO and Anakata several times and tried to get them to give up the encryption key. No such luck.

5. Roswall got his hands on a laptop that once belonged to TPB. That's about all he really has.

6. The laptop has mention of something that could be construed as attempt at tax evasion. Electronic mail advising to send payments through Western Union so the money doesn't show up in bank accounts. Theoretically (ceteris paribus) Roswall has better chances to pursue this line than what he's currently after.

7. The TPB people don't have any visible assets. They already owe money to the taxman - money they don't seem keen on paying.

8. The case will be appealed no matter which way it goes. Nothing will be settled for a very long time.

9. The cost to the Swedish taxpayer is enormous. It's the third most expensive criminal investigation in the country's history - and it's all for the poor MPAA/RIAA who are not picking up the bill.

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