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Roswall: One Year Prison

Should he get what he wants?

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) - State prosecutor Håkan Roswall has just completed his closing arguments for the trial of The Pirate Bay. He's asking for one year prison for the four defendants.

One Hour

Roswall was scheduled to speak for at least two hours but completed his closing in almost exactly one. What the public must have found most interesting was how Roswall didn't try to paint TPB as 'accessories' as much as he did the Internet in general and BitTorrent in particular.

Roswall's description included a fictional scenario where he himself would be at home with a computer and a torrent client but without TPB - without the means to download anything.

'I'd have to get out my telephone directory and start ringing people to see who had the files I wanted', said Roswall.

Roswall concluded by citing one year prison as suitable for the defendants.

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