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XPT Switchers ACP Rebate

A good time to make the move.

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ÎLE DES PINS (Rixstep) -- Considering even the EFF are now telling people to avoid Microsoft products like the plague it's probably time to offer a little incentive.

The kind and immeasurably clever programmers at Rixstep are now offering an 'XPT switchers rebate' to help ease the pain and make the transition easier.

Rixstep's ACP (AppleCore Project) is much the counterpart of the XPT - it comes with too many applications to mention or discuss here so use the link at the bottom instead to take a look.

The 'rebate' - given you use the same address as you used when registering for the XPT - knocks 50% off the price. In these tough times people have to stick together.

Welcome to the Mac and welcome to the ACP.

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