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Conficker Update

Yes it's still out there.

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REDMOND (Radsoft) -- Yes Conficker is still alive and kicking. Its code seems to work better than Redmond's own.

Conficker worm found in hospital equipment

1 May 2009: A computer worm that has alarmed security experts around the world has crawled into hundreds of medical devices at dozens of hospitals in the United States and other countries, according to technologists monitoring the threat.

Report: Conficker in attack mode

29 April 2009: The Conficker threat has a new twist with the worm now installing a second spam virus that many know as Waledac.

McAfee shares jump on rosy profit forecast

1 May 2009: McAfee shares jumped Friday after the Windows cottage industry company offered a profit forecast better than expected.

Microsoft's Latest Windows 7 Release Looks Solid

30 April 2009: Good news for Microsoft: Windows 7 RC came out today. And while it's not much different than other recent betas, the buzz seems to be positive.

This is Windows Vista SP2 - a bit faster, a bit less bloaty, but nothing new. In other words it is more $billions in R&D flushed down the rathole.

The BloatFarmers have gone almost ten years since XP was sold with no real innovation. Who wants to drive a ten year old car? Who wants to drive a ten year old OS?

Windows is still too unreliable, too prone to viruses (over 200,000 at last count) and too subject to attacks (search Google for 'Conficker').
 - Jeremy Wa

Buzz buzz. Go Steve.

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