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Pirate Pontén

Anti-piracy gorilla changes name in honour of national holiday and Pirate Party.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- Notorious Hollywood lackey Henrik Pontén has officially changed his name from 'Henrik' to 'Pirate'. This according to records kept by Sweden's tax authority.

A rather flustered Pirate Pontén got news of the name change on 29 May.

'This makes me only more convinced I'm right', says the universally despised legal torpedo. 'The piracy movement speak of personal integrity but this name change is an infringement of my personal integrity', adds the wealthy Lidingö resident who never hesitates to trample personal integrity any chance he gets.

Pirate Pontén was caught with his hand in the cookie jar when he planted evidence at Swedish Internet provider Bahnhof in an attempt coordinated with the equally despised Peter 'Boogieman' Danowsky to raid the provider's servers. This in an attempt to please his Hollywood benefactors.

Tax authority representative Ingegerd Widell simultaneously reveals no authentication is necessary to submit a name change. 'But we do send out a notification once the name change is in effect. Pirate Pontén will get his real name back again.'

And that will last until someone else decides to change it back.

In other news: the Swedish Pirate Party are on their way to winning at least one and perhaps two seats in the coming European parliament - and this despite a near total blackout by the Swedish media.

A new poll by SIFO gives the party of Rick Falkvinge and Christian Engström 8.2% - enough for two seats in Brussels.

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