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Kommandant Pontén

There are crimes being committed here.

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Following is a clip showing the illustrious Henrik 'Pirate' Pontén doing what he does best: bullying people and above all breaking the law.

The conversation is in Swedish with Swedish subtitles. The clip was shown on Swedish television channel TV3's 'Insider' programme on 3 May last year.

Here's a step by step translation of what's happening and what's being said.

  • Pontén: [Enters someone's home. Presumably knocked on the door and was admitted.]
  • Pontén: 'Hello. Henrik Pontén here from the Anti-Piracy Bureau.'
  • Pontén: 'We've received a tip you're selling copies [sic] in here.'
  • Pontén: 'You know the score, right?'
  • Victim: 'Yes.'
  • Pontén: 'Hey wait! Don't close the door.'
  • Pontén: 'If you do there'll be a police raid.'
  • Pontén: 'You'll only make matters worse for yourself.'
  • Victim: 'But I'm going to close my door now.'
  • Pontén: 'No. You don't do that. You're going to be arrested here.'
  • Pontén: 'Then the police will have to break down your door.'
  • Pontén: 'There's no point in it, you know.'
  • Victim: 'Yeah well let them do it then.'
  • Pontén: 'No no no! You're under arrest now.'

  • Pontén: 'You're only making things a lot more difficult for yourself.'
  • Victim: 'But I have to be able to close my door!'
  • Pontén: 'In such case you'll have to follow me out again.'
  • Pontén: 'That's just the way it is. I promise you.'
  • Pontén: 'I do things like this every day.'
  • Pontén: 'You're only making things worse for yourself.'
  • Pontén: 'You'll have your door broken down.'
  • Pontén: 'The police will be here with their flashing blue lights.'
  • Pontén: 'Get your things and come out.'
  • Pontén: [Escorts victim out.]

Swedish Criminal Code

It should go without saying the above is thoroughly dealt with in Swedish criminal code.

Kap 4 §6:
Trespassing without permission or remaining where others have their home, be it a room, a house, a farm, or a ship, is disturbing the peace and is subject to a fine. Cases of serious infringement are subject in addition to imprisonment for up to two years.

Kap 17 §15:
The crime of impersonating an authority is subject to a fine or imprisonment for up to six months.

Not that this will ever happen to Kommandant Pontén: he has friends in the Stockholm police who throw out complaints at his request.

It is this terror and police corruption - mostly on the part of Kommandant Pontén over the years - that has done more for the civil rights movement than any one speech by a member of the Pirate Party.

Ask yourself: when there's a surly character in a leather jacket standing in your stairwell claiming he does things like this every day, claiming things will only be worse if you insist on your civil rights, telling you it's daft to demand legal counsel, and when he's got a film crew with him - what do you do? Do you dare refuse him entry even though he's threatening to triple your fine if you don't get down on the ground? Do you dare insist on your rights when you know for a fact he hangs out with the court magistrates and for another fact that it's almost impossible to find an impartial magistrate in the entire country anymore?
 - 'lholmq42'

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John Henrik Gustaf Pontén geboren 17 Oktober 1965, Ekholmsnäsvägen 114, 18164 Lidingö SCHWEDEN

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