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Interview with Hans Pandeya

The view from the outhouse.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) -- 'Global Gaming Factory tried to use the announcement of the acquisition of The Pirate Bay as a back door to a stock exchange', wrote E24 correspondent Torbjörn Isacson at the end of June. 'But instead it turned out to be the backdoor to an outhouse.'

SvD interviewed GGF CEO Hans Pandeya in light of the recent developments.

Who are your investors?
We've agreed to not reveal their identities until the day of acquisition. We're in contact with them right now about their giving permission to reveal this information to Aktietorget.

What technology will make legalisation possible?
We'll have it working on the day of acquisition. That's all.

You've written that Peerialism are going to provide this technology. But they have no technology for blocking materials - only for streamlining file sharing - and they haven't been paid or begun their work. How does this all hold together?
There's another company behind the identification technology. We can use different services. This has nothing to do with Peerialism.

Why haven't you presented this to your stockholders?
No one's even considered presenting it to them.

You've written in a press release that you received an informal offer from John Fanning. He says this isn't true. Your comments?
He's lying. Why did he fly from the US to London to meet me at the same time I was there with Wayne Rosse? What was his purpose in doing that? To have a cup of coffee so we could stare at each other?

You've said you'll have an agreement with STIM by Thursday. They say that's not true. Who should we believe?
It depends on what type of agreement you're talking about. We were going to reach an agreement by the day of acquisition - not a final agreement but a step along the way.

You've said you're prepared to personally invest 30 million according to the original proposal. Do you have the money?
I can get the money if we come up short. I have personal assets.

Why then haven't you paid your debts?
It's related to the acquisition of The Pirate Bay. I turned a profit in 2007 and I want a buffer for the acquisition. The debt will be paid in a few days.

What are your comments on the investigation into insider trading?
I'm all for it. It's a good idea. It's got nothing to do with me. It's completely unacceptable that information leaks out. It's also about a marginal trading volume - no one's made any money.

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