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TPB Move to Cyberbunker

'The only things that will survive will be cockroaches and The Pirate Bay.'

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CYBERBUNKER (Radsoft) -- The Pirate Bay have now moved operations to a nuclear bunker in the Netherlands. Now called Cyberbunker and operating as an ISP, the location is a former NATO bunker built in 1955. The bunker is capable of withstanding both electromagnetic pulse bombs and nuclear attacks.

The Cyberbunker domain was created on 23 March 2000 and is registered to a 'Mr Xennt, Cyberbunker, Snelweg 1, Juinen 4036 BH, NL'. Cyberbunker is owned by the Cyberbunker Foundation.

The facility boasts over 5,000 cubic metres office space, airlocks for an independent atmosphere, redundant air conditioning systems, air tight rooms, EMP shielding to military standards, up to 5 metres thick reinforced concrete subterranean construction, a 750 KW backup diesel generator, large diesel fuel reserves, a 10,000 litre freshwater reserve tank, 240,000 litres freshwater stored in a remote backup bunker, isolation pad shock mounting for all critical equipment, and nuclear/biological/chemical air filtration. It can survive a 20 megaton nuclear blast from 5 kilometres and can survive cut off from the outside world for over 10 years. Its exact location is kept secret for security reasons and is protected by night vision CCTV, 24-hour security surveillance, and a 2.5 metre high security fence. It also has access to multiple redundant national grid electricity feeds. As The Pirate Bay site says today, 'nobody puts TPB in a corner'.

Carriers had initially refused to carry traffic from The Pirate Bay after receiving threats from the formidable BREIN in the Netherlands, but now matters have been settled amicably.

'I don't expect BREIN to do pretty much anything at this point', said Sven Kamphuis of Cyberbunker. 'The last conversation we had with them was about some MP3 site they wanted to have shut down somewhere in 2001-2002. It took around 3 hours at 2:00 AM at night and the end result was that both parties agreed not to agree.'

'It's good to know that when radiation poison is killing me when the bombs start dropping, I'll still be able to get my torrent fix', writes commenter 'Sendaii' at TorrentFreak.

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