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#fail in .NL

Will the real criminals be brought to justice?

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VICTORIA (Radsoft) -- Peter Sunde's been saying for quite some time he was sitting on sensational information. Today he tweeted he'd reveal the information in minutes. Then only a few minutes ago it showed up.

Peter's done an excellent sleuthing job. The article is a long read (and a good read) and there are further documents being submitted to the court in the Netherlands. What it all boils down to is this.

  1. Tim Kuik and BREIN sued TPB - specifically Peter, Gottfrid, and Fredrik - in the Netherlands but didn't notify them of the case until 48 hours before the court date. None of them could make it in time (even if they'd wanted to).
  2. The case was a walkover as the defendants (understandably) never showed.
  3. The Swedish government bailiff's office (kronofogden) supplied documents to the Dutch court afterwards showing none of the three defendants actually owned TPB but that TPB was as previously stated owned by a company called Reservella and registered in the Seychelles.
  4. This in turn meant the previous ruling of the Dutch court had to be thrown out. Kuik and BREIN were free to sue Reservella instead (however stupid that seems) but first they had to settle their bill with the Dutch court system for €60,000.
  5. Kuik and BREIN didn't want to pay any silly €60,000 to their own court system so they created a counterfeit document from Experian stating Fredrik Neij was both owner and CEO of Reservella. In so doing they might possibly make a case for still keeping the old verdict alive.
  6. But Peter's been researching this remarkable claim and collected evidence from several impressive sources proving the document is a forgery.
  7. Criminal charges are now being filed against BREIN and Kuik personally. Both charges (fraud and forgery) are considered felonies. Kuik and BREIN will additionally be hit with the full €60,000 court costs.

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