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Jobs Needs That Tablet

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Patents won't do it. And closed constricted environments almost never win out over open free ones. The iPhone was the sensation of the industry but the way Jobs chose to use the device has more and more consumers doubting.

Research firm ChangeWave surveyed 4.068 smartphone consumers last month and came up with some interesting results. Android is catching up fast and iPhone OS isn't the obvious leader anymore.

Small wonder.

Interest in Android has grown dramatically from 6% the year before to 21% last year, only 7 points behind Apple's iPhone OS which dropped from 32% the year before.

Blackberry went from 17% to 18% and on the bright side Windows Mobile dropped from 9% to 6%.

Android and iPhone OS are tied when it comes to user satisfaction: 77% of iPhone users are 'very satisfied' as opposed to 71% of Android users, 58% of Palm Pre users, 41% of Blackberry users, 33% of Palm users, and 25% of Windows Mobile users.

Consumer interest in Apple's iPhone 3G fizzled fast; interest in 3GS isn't going away as quickly. But Google with their Nexus One have definitely turned the heat up.

Apple's overall corporate strategy eschews the idea of being a commodity supplier. There have to be new gadgets all the time to survive. Jobs needs that tablet.

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