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Sweden's Pirate Party Now Hosting The Pirate Bay

'I'ms ins yours skynets, lollings aways ats yours futiles attempts ats contrllings our internets.'

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — On 18 May the Swedish Pirate Party assumed delivery of bandwidth to the file sharing site The Pirate Bay, this after the German ISP Cyberbunker received orders to disconnect The Pirate Bay from the Internet.

'We tired of Hollywood's cat and mouse game with The Pirate Bay and decided to offer them the bandwidth ourselves', says party chairman Rick Falkvinge. 'It's time to take the bull by the horns and stand up for what we believe is lawful activity.'

The Pirate Party deliver bandwidth to the home page and search engine The Pirate Bay but the tracker and the torrent files are at other locations and weren't affected by the German ruling.

'The Pirate Bay is a search page and as such is not responsible for search results', says Rick Falkvinge.

'When other politicians start commissions and avoid taking responsibility, we instead are responsible and act with our own resources for the information security of the nation and our fundamental right to free speech. We are now the providers of The Pirate Bay.'

The proposal to censor The Pirate Bay from the Internet is an attempt to silence one of this era's most important opinion builders in questions concerning civil rights on the Internet. This is nothing less than political censorship, something every democratic minded individual must renounce.

The Pirate Party also support through other services the right to free communication through the operation of an anonymised Tor server and proxies in support of democracy activists in Iran.

The Pirate Party's services in support of the Internet:

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