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Dell: 'Windows is Insecure'

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ROUND ROCK (Radsoft) — Dell Inc are now openly advising customers that Windows is insecure and that Ubuntu is secure. This is hardly a news flash for most people but the fact a major OEM made an open statement may represent a watershed.

Spurious reports are meanwhile leaking out of Redmond Washington that Microsoft CEO has gone on a new chair-tossing rampage, calling Mark Shuttleworth all kinds of unsavoury things.

A quick look at the following link reveals what it's all about. Dell have long offered Ubuntu boxes; now they seem to be scaling up their Ubuntu marketing and tiring of the Microsoft Mess™.


Dell list ten things their customers should know about Ubuntu.

  1. Ubuntu comes preloaded with select Dell desktop, notebook, and netbook computers.
  2. Ubuntu is based on Linux.
  3. Ubuntu with OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.
  4. With Ubuntu you have access to thousands of free software programs.
  5. Ubuntu boots up fast.
  6. Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft Windows.
  7. Ubuntu plays videos, songs, and movies easily.
  8. Ubuntu is 'social from the start'.
  9. Ubuntu is designed for the Internet.
  10. Ubuntu is simple and elegant.

They also provide a comparison chart which declares the need for antivirus/anti-spyware on Ubuntu as unwarranted.

The chart also makes it clear that there are additional costs with Windows that don't apply with Ubuntu and that Ubuntu isn't a DRM-crippled platform as is Windows.


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