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Assange Case: 'Legal corruption, one of the worst I've seen'

Sweden's most famous lawyer speaks out.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — Leif Silbersky is perhaps Sweden's most famous and most powerful lawyer. He's been retained by Julian Assange. He's now had an opportunity to look through the case files for the Assange affair.

'This is corrupt. It's one of the worst cases I've seen. And I've never been rung up by so many foreign correspondents, and they can't understand how this could have happened either.'

Words Cannot

Silbersky says the arrest of Julian Assange and its reversal is so bizarre he can't find the words.

'What's going on here? First you arrest someone on the basis of almost no evidence at all? For a crime most people consider heinous? And then you confirm his identity to the media? This has damaged my client and his organisation - but most of all it's damaged belief in our Swedish legal system!'

'It shouldn't be possible for things like this to happen.'

'A woman can't just ring up a police station and get them to arrest someone only on her word. It's not right. I can say that I have never had so many foreign correspondents contacting me and they don't understand how this could happen. They're understandably critical of our legal system.'

In print as in law: Sweden's most meticulous newspaper can't even spell the WikiLeaks founder's name right.

No News Today

Head prosecutor Eve Finné said today she won't arrive at a decision today as intimated earlier.

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