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Big EU File Sharing Bust

Fourteen locations, seven in Sweden, TPB/WikiLeaks not affected.

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BRUSSELS (Radsoft) — Authorities across the EU conducted a major raid on a file sharing league today, hitting fourteen locations whereof seven in Sweden.

Neither Bahnhof nor PRQ - the providers for both The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks - were affected.

'Top Sites'

Police were after so-called 'top sites' where films are made available before they've even been released. Authorities in Belgium have been investigating a group they call the 'Scene' for the past two years.

The raids in Sweden were at private homes in Eskilstuna, Eslöv, and Malmö. The police also visited two Internet providers in the Stockholm area and at the University of Umeå where they were primarily interested in the identities of clients using specific IPs.

Good Morning PRQ

Swedish police visited the Solna offices of TPB/WikiLeaks provider PRQ this morning at 09:00. 'Five policemen turned up', says PRQ's Mikael Viborg. 'They wanted to know more about who'd been using two IPs since 2009.'

The police were given mail address contacts for both clients. 'But our clients seldom have mail addresses that can be traced', says Viborg.

The police left without taking anything else with them.

'They're the ones who get the movies first', commented Peter Sunde on the 'Scene' a while back. 'They don't like The Pirate Bay. They want only the Scene to have access to their materials.'

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