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Assange's MBP Stolen?

So claims Stefan Lindgren.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Julian Assange's MacBook Pro was stolen when he left Sweden for England recently. So claims Stefan Lindgren of Nyhetsbanken who cites the theft as the reason Assange didn't turn up at the Afghan events in Stockholm as planned.

Lindgren cites Pratap Chatterjee as the source of this information but does not provide any link. He cites an article published by SvD but the article doesn't mention Assange or any computer theft.

Stefan Lindgren was formerly editor in chief of Gnistan, the periodical of the Communist Association of Marxist-Leninists. He also publishes the newsletter 'Russian Post' and has translated a number of Russian books and articles.

No other reference to a computer theft from the WikiLeaks founder can be found online at time of writing; Lindgren's article cites no sources aside from Chatterjee (who does not in any way corroborate the story) and cites no links whatsoever.

Who Stole Julian Assange's Computer?

One reason Julian Assange couldn't participate in Stockholm's Afghanistan week is related through Pratap Chatterjee: his computer was stolen out of his rucksack when last he left Sweden.

He doesn't know who stole his computer but suspicions are directed towards Swedish, British, and US intelligence agencies.

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon papers, was immediately attacked by Henry Kissinger. He had 'strange sexual habits and used drugs', Kissinger told White House chief of staff Haldeman.

Richard Nixon ordered burglaries by the White House 'plumbers' to get confidential medical files from Ellsberg's psychoanalyst Dr Robert Fielding.

It's well known the FBI tried to neutralise Martin Luther King with the help of illegal surveillance in order to track his extramarital affairs. Tapes of this surveillance were sent to King's wife and the FBI sent him a warning in 1964 when he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

'King? There's only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is. It's for the best if you take it [your life in other words] before your dirty, perverse, and deceitful person is revealed to the nation.'

Former Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter - a sharp critic of Bush - has also been the victim of sex provocations by the FBI that have led to criminal charges, dropped in the first case and under deliberation in the second.

Julian Assange has every reason to be extremely cautious and suspicions about intelligence agencies are surely not unjustified. Those in the peace movement must do all they can to protect him from attacks which damage his journalism which is an important corrective force against the lies of the military.

The situation is characterised after nine years of war by lies about security and women's liberation. Today's article on DN's bulletin board by a professor at the Defence Institute illustrates the consistent media monologue.

Former minister of defence Thage Peterson as well as a number of independent Afghanistan experts are routinely refused the opportunity to participate in these so-called debates, the one-sidedness of which would even embarrass a Göbbels.

Stefan Lindgren

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