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Assange Arrested Again

Hamlet smelled the wrong country.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Julian Assange is to be arrested in absentia, for questioning, despite repeated attempts by Assange to meet with Marianne Ny who has categorically refused to negotiate any other way.

Ny once objected to a planned meeting with Julian Assange because one of her policemen was home with a head cold; etc. Swedish solicitor Hurtig issued a strong statement detailing Ny's behaviour and citing the numerous transgressions of international law she is guilty of.

Following is the letter sent by Hurtig to Assange's solicitors in London.

Following is the official statement issued by WikiLeaks.

Following is the statement by Julian Assange's British co-counsel Mark Stephens.

See WikiLeaks Central (http://wlcentral.org) for the latest information.

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