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Assange to Appeal

'World, we have a problem.'

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Julian Assange will appeal the bizarre arrest order proposed by invisible prosecutor Marianne Ny yesterday through more visible proxies at the district court in Stockholm.

Ny immediately issued a statement from her office in Isengard after the court ruling.

'It's satisfying that we now have the possibility to move forward in the investigation', blurted the woman who's held up the show for three months and categorically refused to meet with Assange previously and gone so far as to encourage him to leave the country.

'The investigation's at a point where we can't continue without interrogating Julian Assange.' Whoa. So she's still not finished turning over every stone?

Ny refuses to explain why she didn't take Assange up on previous offers from the WikiLeaks founder, why she has such blatant disregard for international law, who is pulling her strings, or if it's accepted praxis in Sweden to invite people to meetings with international arrest orders when they've already tried to meet you and you're the one always refusing.

Something smells rotten. And it isn't coming from Denmark.

Not Intimately Involved

Marianne Ny likes to give the impression she's involved in the Assange case. She's not. It's her assistant Erika Lejnefors doing all the dirty work - and even she is trying to make it as difficult as possible for Assange and his legal representatives to contact her. It took Björn Hurtig three weeks to get permission from Lejnefors for Assange to leave the country - and not because she needed time to make up her mind but because she is so studiously inaccessible.

Heap It On

Noteworthy is that internationally renowned egalitarian Anna Ardin has since last time heaped on an additional charge of sexual whatever. Also noteworthy is she has permission to leave Sweden - she'll be leaving on or around 1 December for the glorious middle east where she plans to work for three months on explaining to women how they've already been sexually transgressed hundred of times without knowing it.

Sofia Wilén meanwhile has gone to ground - succeeding in wiping data trails like no other. Denizens at Flashback suspect she's been given expert help.

Hurtig Propassive

Swedish solicitor Björn Hurtig says it's not right his client is arrested after being free for so long. He also says he hasn't had time to turn over every stone in the dossier Ny's people gave him.

No Comments from Ny

Confronted with numerous press releases revealing she has systematically refused to meet earlier with Assange, even canceling a meeting because one of her policeman had a head cold, Ny now informs the world at large that she has 'no comment'.

The stench is overwhelming.

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