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Assange: Appeals Court Summons Ny

Will she be arrested in absentia?

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — The Stockholm appeals court (Svea hovrätt) today heard from Julian Assange's Swedish solicitor Björn Hurtig. The court decided there wasn't enough information on the table. They've therefore summoned Marianne Ny to come with a statement and/or answer questions by Wednesday 24 November.

The links to the four major Swedish publications follow.

SvD: Beslut om Assanges häktning dröjer

Expressen: Rätten skjuter upp beslut om häktningen

Aftonbladet: Beslut om Assanges häktning skjuts upp

DN.se: Beslut om Assanges häktning uteblev

All information comes from the Swedish news bureau Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå.


Staffan Lind of the appeals court:
'We've asked the prosecutor (Marianne Ny) for comments by Wednesday. That means we need more information to arrive at a decision.'

Björn Hurtig:
'This means there are weaknesses in the prosecutor's argumentation and strength in ours. I'm cautiously optimistic.'

Assange's British solicitor Mark Stephens expressed cynicism earlier today in an interview with Expressen, questioning Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny's competence and reiterating the fact that the warrant violates both British and European law.

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