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Svea Knocks Down Assange Appeal

All downhill for Sweden now.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Sweden's had some fine alpine skiers over the years but now they're going to have to get everyone involved: the Svea appeals court upheld Marianne Ny's arrest warrant.

Obstinately pursuing what might turn out to the most ridiculous and most embarrassing case in the history of jurisprudence, the Swedish Svea appeals court upheld the earlier decision from the Stockholm district court, noting that their 'assessment' of the 'documents' differed from that of the lower court but that they still found reason to have the warrant issued.

Svea rule that they too feel Julian Assange is suspected on probable cause of one case of illegal coercion and two cases of sexual molestation. With regard to one case of sexual molestion they don't feel the 'level' of 'suspicion' is strong enough. The district court found that there was probable cause for suspicion of rape - Svea shared the judgement of the district court with the reservation that the rape is considered a less serious crime.

Skis go on sale in all major sports outlets across the country by 17:00 local time.

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