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WikiLeaks: Panic Growing in Diplomatic Circles

Poor US reps are waxing increasingly hysteric.

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EVERYWHERE (Rixstep) — Fearing the worst, US diplomatic offices have started scrambling for damage control even before the expected WikiLeaks onslaught of diplomatic cables is released.

Things started by WikiLeaks as per usual dragging in the New York Times as a collaborator and confidant. And of course Bill Kieller's orcs ran all the way to the White House without even taking the time to pee.

And then the White House and associated TLAs took the panic worldwide.

They're Panicking!

At midnight UTC the WikiLeaks Twitter feed noted the following.

'NYT briefed the Whitehouse on Monday over Embassy Files: Now we see every tinpot dictator in the world briefed prior to release.'

An hour later:

'Sky reports US Ambassador visits Downing Street in advance of WikiLeaks document release.'


'Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd briefed by Hillary Clinton on WikiLeaks, according to SMH.'


'Canada briefed by US Ambassador according to CBC.'


'Denmark briefed by US Ambassador on WikiLeaks according to Danish press.'


'Norway briefed by US on WikiLeaks according to NRK (state TV).'

Four hours later:

'Israel contacted by US Embassy in Tel Aviv over presumed pending release according to Haaretz.'

A lot of people have used (and abused) the concept of 'shit hitting the fan' over the years but precious few have ever seen it. Now everyone may finally get the chance.

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'You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, you'd better not pout, we're telling you why: WikiLeaks is coming to town.'

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