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Anna Ardin: 'Oops I Did It Again!'

A followup from Internet detective Göran Rudling. From 12 December 2010.

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[UPDATE: Anna Ardin did in fact make the whole story up as part of her 'seven step plan for revenge'. See here.]

STOCKHOLM (Radsoft/Rixstep) — As Göran Rudling put the finishing touches on his research into Anna Ardin's 'attacks on facts', he saw additional evidence of her mucking about.

Ardin's now cleaned her blog as well.

From 7 to 1

Ardin's article on the 'seven steps to legal revenge' has now been redacted so only the first step remains. 'It seems like some people think you can hit a 'delete' button to change history', comments Rudling. 'My thoughts go directly to the Soviet Union under Stalin where they too thought they could change history by blurring photographs and redacting books.'

Side by Side

Rudling's comparison of Anna Ardin's revenge plans 'before' and 'after'. Can you see any difference?

Step 1
Think long and hard about over whether you really need revenge. It is almost always better to forgive than to repay.

Step 2
You should know not only who you want revenge against, but exactly why you want revenge against him. Revenge should not just be taken against a person, it should be taken against an action.

Step 3
The principle of proportionality. Revenge should match the crime not only in magnitude but in type. Good revenge is connected to what was done to you. If you for example want to avenge someone who's been unfaithful or dumped you, the punishment [sic] should have something to do with dating / sex / fidelity.

Step 4
Brainstorm punishments that fit the category of your required revenge. To continue the example, you could break up your victim's current relationship, or make sure his new girlfriend cheats on him, or put a damper on his sex life, or set him up with a bad partner.

Step 5
Figure out how you can revenge systematically. Maybe a series of letters and photos leading his new girlfriend to believe you're still together is better than a big lie once in a while?

Step 6
Rank your schemes low to high in terms of probability of success, effort on your part, and satisfaction if achieved. The ideal scheme should rate highly in all three rankings but a greater effort and more capital can secure output for the other two actually more important parameters.

Step 7>br> Put your plan into action. And remember to keep your goal as you operate, and make sure your victim suffers in the same way he made you suffer.
Step 1
Think long and hard about over whether you really need revenge. It is almost always better to forgive than to repay.

Note: Ardin's list is not a simple translation of the original. She's put a lot of time and thought into making it her own. Note as well the original list was written about women (evidently by a man). Ardin has for some unknown reason changed the gender of the target.

Early Attacker

Rudling further reports that his original article was published at 06:19 local time on 30 September 2010; yet by 06:44 the same morning - 25 minutes later - Anna Ardin was in his mailbox with an attack.

'I removed the tweets to try to avoid the attention of the media I understood would come, it was rough enough anyway, and I've never tried to remove that translated revenge list. I don't at all understand how it could be related to this.' - Anna Ardin Thursday 30 September 2010 06:44

'That was her explanation to why she removed tweets on or around 20 August', comments Ruding. 'But it doesn't explain why she removed tweets again on 14 September.'

'And isn't it funny that a seven-step plan for revenge has been residing on a blog read by so many members of Ardin's christian 'brotherhood' movement and no one at all reacted before Ardin accused Assange of molestation?'

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