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252 Words

That rotten smell isn't from Denmark. The wind's blowing in from Sweden.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — 252 words. Two hundred fifty two. That's what the four major Swedish news sources managed today subsequent to the release of Julian Assange yesterday evening.

252 words.

This is no longer a matter of Swedish journalists being purveyors of sleaze - this is about a strictly coordinated, government-controlled media blackout.

√ SvD - Sweden's most respected news corporation managed an even 100 words linked from their home page in fold three. Few people see the article and there's very little to read anyway. But they do include a shit storm of articles about the 'sex crimes of Julian Assange'.

√ DN.se - 152 words linked in fold 2 of their home page. DN.se is controlled by the notorious Bonnier Group and it's a wonder they even permitted 152 words.

√ Aftonbladet & Expressen - these tabloids top the reviled NoW in sleaze factor. They have nothing at all.

See the Rixstep coverage 'Snow Shovels!' for further info.

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