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Swedish Feminist War Song

Cut them into pieces.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — The following clip is from 2005. Things have only got worse since. This is the 'entertainment' segment of the annual convention of the Swedish 'Feminist Initiative', the biggest and most influential feminist political party in Sweden.

Only 21 seconds of the song are shown here; the YouTube page has the lyrics in full; following is a translation.

Fair trials in Sweden? National psychosis?

Dude, old timer, you fucking man
Destroy our world shamelessly
Rape, war, fight and destroy
Understand you can't and shouldn't
Touch my pussy when you're horny
Or my tits when you want to
I hate you you fucking man
You think you know, you think you can
Everything about women everything about our lives
But you know nothing so take a jump
To the side, to the edge, stand on the edge
Fall in, I don't give a fuck
Our now is our turn, this is our vengeance
We'll show you, this is our chance
You anointed yourself a god
So fucking pathetic, you got a cock, so what?
Is that reason enough to force ideals on me
For your own sake and your own fucking comfort
I'll show you I can better than you
Even though I'm a dumb little girl
Dude, old timer, you fucking man
For here you see a woman
Who hates you so much
We're going to cut you into pieces

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