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The Vindication of DSK

That's one. The authorities in the US shine. Anybody watching this from the duckpond?

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NEW YORK/STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released without bail today. They took the tag off his leg and they returned the bond as well.

Why? Because the prosecutors found gaping holes in the claimant's case. She repeatedly lied; she has ties to criminal elements including drug dealers and money launderers; she even lied on her visa application to the US.

And the prosecutors turned to DSK's defence team and immediately informed them. The result was a different type of day in court for DSK. The investigation will continue but now other issues are involved, the most serious of which now fall on the claimant and not the former IMF leader.

France is already dealing with the shocking twist, talking about how to counteract the smear propagated by the media and a hostile US government and populace.

But justice is being served. The system is working. So how about that other incarcerated celebrity?

  • DSK was known as a womaniser. JA never was.
  • DSK was arrested and charged. JA never was.
  • DSK is free to roam the US countryside. JA, who's never been charged and who is formally only wanted for questioning, has a ponderous bail and an ankle tag and has been required to visit a police station every day for the past six months and sign his JPA to a ledger.
  • The New York prosecutors are in search of the truth and so immediately show their findings to DSK's defence team. Marianne Ny and her team of orcs have no interest in that - Ny told JA's counsel Björn Hurtig that she is withholding evidence, deemed by others to be highly exculpatory, and she even forbade him from taking notes, making copies, or revealing the content of what he saw of the evidence she decided to withhold. And she still hasn't complied with EU law requiring her to inform JA of the details of the case in a language he understands.
  • DSK's case was dealt with summarily. DSK's case been quick and efficient work on the part of seasoned teams of New York police investigators and prosecutors. JA's case has been going on for nearly a year. It's been confused and clumsy and amateurish and it's helped make Sweden the laughing stock of the world today.

But there is one similarity between the cases that can't be denied: the way the wacko feminists in both countries (but not France) went after the victims and tried to turn things into show trials and platforms for more and deeper fascism.

But that's another issue that will be dealt with summarily if there's any decency in this world.

Marianne Ny appears all the more in a class of her own. Or as Mark Stephens described her: Stalin's Beria.
 - flashback979

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