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Credit card donations to WikiLeaks now accepted again

Visa/MasterCard back down, AMEX join in.

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BASEL (Rixstep) — US credit card companies Visa and MasterCard have backed down from DataCell. Donations to WikiLeaks are again accepted by both with American Express now joining in as well.

DataCell haven't yet received a response from Visa or MasterCard but they did notice another gateway opening today. 'Today we have observed that an alternative payment processor that we have contracted with has in fact opened the gateway for payments with Visa and MasterCard and now also for American Express Card payments, an option we did not have before', write the DataCell CEO and COO.

DataCell can again process donations to WikiLeaks and in general receive payments via international credit cards for their professional services.

Further Action

The battle is obviously being won but it's not over yet - DataCell have other fish to fry. They'll next initiate a lawsuit in Denmark against the credit card companies for losses incurred for the past seven months, a sum estimated to be in the neighbourhood of $15 million. They're also likely to file with the EU commission.

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