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Stockholm Clinic Criticised for Bogus Medical Certificates

Another layer of corruption in the duckpond brought into the light of day.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — A clinic in a hospital in town has been accused of issuing bogus medical certificates in conjunction with rape cases. It was claimed a woman had a 'crack' in her genital area but it turns out she had no assault wounds at all.

It was last spring when a woman was examined at the emergency clinic for raped women in Södersjukhuset after an alleged rape. According to the court certificate from Lotti Helström, the woman had a 'crack' in her genital area 'which can have occurred with violent vaginal penetration'.

Lotti's certificate was enough to detain the suspect. The suspect denied all wrongdoing, claiming he and the woman had consensual sex.

What's unusual about that case is that there was another certificate available. A forensic physician had examined the woman before she went to Lotti Helström, only one day after the alleged assault. That physician found no assault wounds at all on the woman.

'I was surprised they arrived at such different conclusions', said district prosecutor Christina Voigt.

The wounds found at Lotti Helström's clinic had evidently occurred after the alleged assault. And to make matters worse: the 'crack' mentioned in the certificate was first described as 'a very minor scratch' before Lotti stepped in to redact things.

Once the first certificate surfaced, the suspect was released and Christina Voigt dismissed the investigation quickly due to 'lack of evidence'. The woman recently decided to not request the case be reopened.

'It's terrifying that a Swedish doctor describes wounds that don't exist. And as Lotti Helström's clinic carries out a great many such examinations, one is a bit uneasy', says the suspect's legal counsel Johan Eriksson.

He has recently filed a complaint with the ombudsman for justice in another rape investigation where again it's Lotti Helström that's involved. That case was about crown princess Viktoria's bodyguard who was first sentenced to six years prison by a lower court and then completely exonerated in the high court last autumn.

Forensic physician Martina Olsson Frisk was also involved in that case. She is highly critical of a number of Lotti Helström's certificates and says Helström doesn't distinguish between actual wounds and the patient's description of her feelings.

'The certificates I've seen from her have been catastrophic', says Martina Olsson Frisk.

A number of the medical certificates from Lotti Helström's clinic used in rape verdicts have been under review. They all describe 'cracks' in the genital area which may have occurred during an assault. This is highly remarkable because many forensic physicians - and even Lotti Helström - admit that sexual assaults seldom lead to physical wounds.

Lotti Helström was sought for comment on how she goes about formulating her medical certificates but refuses to comment because of 'doctor patient confidentiality'.


Lotti Helström is the wife of Peter Danowsky, infamous for his harassment of The Pirate Bay and Bahnhof. Danowsky was the one petitioned Tomas Norstöm for the bogus search warrant against Jan Karlung's Bahnhof where an agent in the hire of 'anti-pirate' Henrik Pontén had planted 'evidence' on a server.

A massive investigation of Lotti Helström took place the past fortnight at Flashback. Professor Marcello Ferrada di Noli, himself a recognised authority on related issues, is planning to issue a statement shortly.

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