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Assange in Sweden: Black Monday

They're wrong.

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Radsoft) — The powers that be think they can sell the attack on Julian Assange without protests erupting in violence. They're wrong.

Today is Black Monday. It's the day Julian Assange gets to hear if his appeal to Britain's supreme court will be allowed or if instead he'll be shipped off to the US Sweden.

But professor Joakim Nergelius at the University of Örebro in Sweden thinks the process in Sweden will go quickly if Assange isn't shipped off again.

'I don't see as it's in anyone's interests to have this drag on. You'd think they should be able to make up their minds whether to prosecute before the holidays.'

Julian Assange risks being sent back to Sweden where chief prosecutor Marianne Ny wants him for questioning in two cases that were previously dismissed by chief prosecutor Eva Finné.

'Naturally they should give the case the highest priority', says professor Nergelius.

And where will Julian Assange bide his time until Marianne Ny makes a decision? Up to now he's been quartered in Norfolk, worn an ankle tag, and had to report to the local police station every day.

'I don't see the Swedish authorities giving him the same freedom of movement', says professor Nergelius.

Update: Assange Wins Right to Appeal

STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Radsoft) — Justices Ouseley and Thomas grant Julian Assange the right to appeal his case directly to the supreme court as his case raises issues of 'general public importance'.

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