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Duckpond Boys Busted in Big Apple

Case expedited in radical fashion.

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NEW YORK (Rixstep) — Two executives of the immensely successful Swedish startup Klarna have been arrested on charges of sexual molestation. They surrendered their passports and paid $7000 in bail each. Their case appeared in court a mere six days later.

They haven't had to hang about in the Big Apple for five weeks, repeatedly petition the prosecutor to bring them in for questioning. They haven't been told they could leave the country, only to find an arrest warrant was issued behind their backs as soon as they left. And their case hasn't dragged on for over a year. So far it's less than a week.

What a difference.

Birthday Bash?

Jens Saltin and Niklas Adalberth took up residence a few days ago at the W Hotel in New York, possibly to celebrate the birthday of Saltin on 4 February. Adalberth, the creator and founder of Klarna, a wildly popular online payment system, and Saltin, one of Klarna's chief executives, were supposedly involved in 'bedroom play' with a 19yo ingenue from Texas who now says the one straddled her on the bed whilst the other pawed at her bosom.

A close friend of Adalberth's spoke with him on the phone from New York. Adalberth claims the accusations are a fabrication. Speculation at the Flashback forum is that the girl discovered only afterwards how filthy rich the duo are and decided to lay the groundwork for a lucrative civil suit.

Whatever: Adalberth and Saltin get their day in court within a week. There's justice and then there's justice. Fortunately for them so far (and DSK before them) it's not the Swedish kind.

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