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Assange Case: Claes Borgström Reported to Justice Chancellery

Charges filed by former chief district prosecutor.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Claes Borgström has been reported to the Chancellor for Justice for malfeasance in his representation of Thomas Quick aka Sture Ragnar Bergwall. Claes Borgström let Bergwall/Quick be convicted of eight (8) murders with no forensic evidence or witnesses whatsoever and raked in $500,000 for essentially doing nothing for six (6) years.

Borgström is the subject of Hannes Råstam's definitive study of the Quick scandal, regarded as Sweden's biggest before the Assange scandal, published posthumously earlier this year.

Dozens of books and countless articles have already been devoted to the affair but none have sparked an outcry like the Råstam book. An excerpt from the book - the transcript (with comments) of the Borgström interview - can be found here.

The charges have been filed by former Chief District Prosecutor Göran Friberg. Friberg is of the opinion that Borgström was negligent in representing his former client Quick (for six years). Friberg points out that Bergwall was interrogated by police and taken to supposed crime scenes whilst under the influence of drug overdoses, but has now seen several of the former convictions overturned.

Former chancellor for justice Göran Lambertz, a personal friend of Borgström's, made headlines recently when he tried rather unsuccessfully to once again prove that Quick was guilty - but still with no evidence or witnesses available. Lambertz is currently a supreme court justice; his appearances for his friend are thought to have weakened his prospects of remaining on the bench.

Pass the Extremely Hot Potato

Friberg's filing has not yet been expedited by the chancellery. The chancellery will in all likelihood inform Friberg that he should first contact the disciplinary committee of the Swedish Bar Association.

'Of course I'll contact the Bar Association in such case', Friberg says. 'I can understand this is an extremely hot potato for all concerned. But that's all the more reason to file charges.'

Claes Borgström has also been representing Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén in the Assange case, which has already eclipsed the Bergwall/Quick case in terms of malfeasance on Borgström's part.

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